Exploring the application of international law to humanitarian crises and examine the role that the law plays in protecting human security during times of emergency.

Volume 11(1) published

Our Volume 11(1) has been published, with contributions from Karolina Aksamitowska, Cédric Cotter and Ellen Policinski, Rob Grace, Hyeran Jo, Diego Mauri, Tara Smith, and Margherita Stevoli.

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Forthcoming Issue: Volume 11(2) (December 2020)

International Law in a Time of Pandemic

Russell Buchan, Emily Crawford and Rain Liivoja

COVID-19 Response and International Law

The Right to International Solidarity and Humanitarian Assistance in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemis

Pouria Askary and Farzad Fallah

The COVID-19 Pandemic, Geopolitics, and International Law

David P Fidler

Articles and Notes

The ‘Revolving Door’ of Direct Participation in Hostilities:A Way Forward?

Alessandro Silvestri

Book Review Essay

Book Review